“Let me help.” he said, rushing to the couch.

He helped me lie down and stretch my legs out. He sat down and brought them across his lap. He gently lifted my right leg and began to massage the tightly knotted muscle, his hands gliding on my stockings, coaxing the muscle to relax.

Gradually the pain went away, slowly melting away as his hands massaged my leg.

“How does that feel?” he asked as he stopped to rest his hands.

“Wonderful,” I replied, “Don’t stop now. You could do this to me all day.”

He started to gently massage my leg. his hands travelled up my calf, past my knee, up my thigh, under my skirt until he reached the top of my stocking, then they travelled down to my ankle. It felt so good.

He slipped off my heel and started to massage my foot. Pure heaven.